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LSIPay and TopUp

Bogota – LSIpay from LSI GROUP, S.A. Guatemala and Top Up app from DIXHI COMPANY S.A.S Colombia, a digital wallet provider, today announced its partnership with Neutronpay, a fast-growing Lightning Network Infrastructure provider.
The partnership will initially launch with Neutronpay providing Top Up app users with the ability to receive real-time Lightning Network to Peso remittances from out-of-country Colombians.
Top Up Founder and CEO Marcela Santiago Rizo is quoted as saying, “with over 4 million Colombians living in the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Chile and Canada, we felt that it was important to provide our users with the latest in remittance technology. Our partnership with Neutronpay will allow the Colombian diaspora to remit money in a faster and less costly manner compared to the alternatives.”
Neutronpay Founder & CEO Albert Buu mentions that “Top Up users will also have the ability to make purchases using Pesos at online and in-person stores that support lightning network QR code payments. Furthermore, Top Up users will also be able to purchase bitcoin directly from their wallet using their Peso balance.”
“The Lightning Network has had tremendous traction in the last 18 months with the launch of the Chivo wallet in El Salvador, a Twitter integration and a Cash App release. We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with Top Up on this forward thinking initiative.“ said Neutronpay COO Malcolm Weed.
“We’ve been impressed every step of the way with the Neutronpay team and their expertise as it relates to payments. Their years of knowledge in the industry prior to the launching of their Lightning Network product is what really set them apart from the rest. Working together, we are confident we’ll be able to bring to our customers the best experience as it relates to the future of money movement,” said Ana Illescas, Founder & CEO of LSI Group, S.A.
Top Up’s initial focus is on the Colombian market, however it has also shown interest in expanding across other Latin American countries, and bringing its new Lightning Network capabilities with it.
About Top Up
Top Up is one of the most exciting new mobile wallet startups in Colombia. It has partnered with top banks in Colombia to bring its services to the widest population in the country. Top Up has integrated with the most national collection operators and currently has more than 60,000 physical spots in Colombia to transact with. Top Up also offers bill payments, direct purchases for entertainment and other purposes.
About LSI pay
LSIpay is a wallet created in Guatemala by LSI Group, S.A. that will bring to the people of Latin America an opportunity to have the most services in one wallet, including remittances, digital payments, checking accounts, business transfers, gift cards, top up’s, crypto currencies and a loyalty program. LSIpay plans to help serve the Latin American diaspora around the world and better connect them with their family, friends and businesses back home.
About Neutronpay
Neutronpay is a Silicon Valley VC funded startup that provides a Lightning Network Infrastructure API to provide businesses with global remittances, payments, spending, payouts and banking capabilities. It is led by veterans in the payments, compliance, banking and bitcoin industries and was founded in 2018, being part of the first cohort of companies building on the Lightning Network

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